Dog 🐩 Hotel 🏨

You plan to go on holiday, where you can´t take your dog with you?

You don´t want to give your dog in an overbooked dog hotel? Then you are at the right place with me!

Dogs are integrated in own family.

Dog guests are always welcome in my house. At my home your dog will always find a place, where I take care with heart and empathy. Among my dogs your pet can walk around freely. Daily walks are on the menue, as an indoor programm, when the weather is not so nice outside. Also dogs with specials needs are welcome, where I try my best to take care of them and that they don´t lack of anything. For example, if they are already old dogs and need medical support.

Price per dog

45,- € / day

bookings over 7 days get a discount of 5 %